What adventure would be complete without a delicious reward at the end -- a mouthwatering dessert. You just crushed it and now it’s time to indulge. You deserve more than a few handfuls of trail mix to cap off your day -- dessert is a great way to stack up additional calories that your body needs to replenish, and get a better night’s sleep.

Trailtiopia desserts are perfectly balanced with sugar and spice for a truly homemade taste. Our fruit crisps and cheesecakes are made with real freeze dried fruit, plus each comes with a side pack of toppings to sprinkle on for added texture. If chocolate is your thing -- our homemade pudding will satisfy your craving and then some. Our desserts are made to serve two, but these you might not want to share!

PRO TIP: Prepare dessert and set aside to cook while you’re enjoying dinner -- it’ll be fresh and ready when you’ve finished your meal.