About Us

Trailtopia is a team of family, friends and fellow adventurers dedicated to providing outstanding, nutritious and convenient eats for your outdoor adventures. We are inspired by the great outdoors. We carefully source the finest ingredients and prepare them for you in our kitchen before shipping them your way. We believe it’s easier to eat out of our bags than anything else, ever. We live for Trailtopia moments.

With more than 40 years of outdoor adventure experience, a taste for good food and a vault of family recipes – our story begins with Trailtopia founder Vince Robichaud (that’s Row-bi-show).


From backpacking to biking, camping to kayaking, canoeing to climbing, or skiing to stargazing – if it meant having fun in the backcountry – Vince was there, ready for an adventure. He lives for the moments of awe and inspiration, completely at peace in those moments, feeling gigantic and microscopic all at the same time. Those moments are what we now define as “Trailtopia”moments.


If Vince wasn’t welcoming mischief in the great outdoors, you could find him in the kitchen. He began cooking as a youngster, taught by his mother who was an excellent cook with an eclectic palate. Baked bread, homemade pies, warm treats, oh my! Vince didn’t experience store-bought cookies until the age of nine. It was in the home kitchen that he developed a taste for good eats and the skills sets to match. Thanks Mom.


Fast-forward through miles of trails, rivers and mountain passes, Vince started to slowly pack away the food that was being offered to outdoor adventurists, and started making his own. It began with a few re-sealable bags, some oatmeal, and a variety of dried fruits for breakfast. Then it was homemade desserts tweaked from family recipes (these will seriously make you melt in your hiking boots). Then it was lunches made with flavored noodles, doubled up with options made for gluten-free friends.


Over time, the demand from his fellow Trailtopians grew. With an innate intuition to invent and create, his food was better than anything else on the trail. In 2013, on an annual backpacking trip (this time to Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountains), the idea to share Vince’s backpacking food with others happened as naturally as the ingredients themselves, and Trailtopia Adventure Food was born. Today, we are a family-run company with the help of our friends and fellow adventurists… and Vince’s spaceship espresso machine. And we love our product.


Whatever the outdoor adventure, Vince has created food to keep your body going, your taste buds happy, and your belly full. At Trailtopia, we make every effort to use all-natural ingredients using real fruit, veggies and grains. Because that’s what we like. And it’s all prepared in our scratch kitchen right here in Rochester, Minnesota.


Our packaging is specially engineered to minimize space and optimize convenience. No need for an especially long spork. No extra bowls, cups or dishes to carry. And our food is so hearty and delicious, you’ll be licking your spoon – that means absolutely no clean-up!  (If you couldn’t tell - we hate doing dishes).


But enough about us – let’s talk about you. Are you planning your next multi-day trek on the trail? Family camping trip? Afternoon out on the water? Whatever it is, you have a need to feed. Trailtopia is a convenient and nutritious solution, whether it’s for a quick re-charge with easy prep and clean up that gets you on your merry way, or for a hearty meal that savors each and every bite as you wind down from your day. Get it like you like it. These moments are yours.


Happy Trails!


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Trailtopia is a proud sponsor of the Mighty Blue on the Appalachian Trail Podcast and Returning to Katahdin podcast, Bruce Matson's thru-hike and RTK’s AT Challenge – – Bruce’s effort to raise money for the Appalachian Trail Conservancy.


Trailtopia is a proud supporter of A Year in the Wilderness - Save the Boundry Waters - what a great cause and amazing adventure!